Reason #75


Two russian tourists shot a hot movie on the back of the Sphinx : Egyptian authorities are on the move to find out what security was doing that day (we honestly don’t want to know…).

Sphinx blushes a bit.

A russian couple shot a porno movie on the sphinx

Never a porno movie has been given enough budget for such a set…

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Reason #74


At 91 she becomes a tech designer in the Silicon Valley for IDEO, the company who developed the first mouse for Apple.

Knowing that average worker in Silicon Valley is in his/her thirties, this women sets up a new standard for life-time dreams.

A dream comes true : at 91 she becomes designer at IDEO

Barbara Beskind realized her dream of becoming an inventor after she couldn’t attend engineering school as for women weren’t allowed in at her time

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Reason #70

Inspirational, Science

How would you like a world with more than 100 millions colors?

In the meanwhile, ask Concetta Antico how this world would look like : thanks to a genetic mutation named ‘tetrachromacy’ she can actually sees 100 times more colors than an average human being.

Concetta Antico tetrachromatic artist

Concetta Antico can see more than 100 millions of color’s nuances

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